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If Adoption Is The Right Choice, Why Does It Hurt So Much?

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When a pregnant girl, who is not yet ready to be a mom, makes the decision to give the baby up for adoption, it is usually not an easy choice to make. It is often the best choice, though, for the baby's sake. If you are in this position and are struggling with your options, you may be wondering why considering adoption hurts so much if it is the right choice. As you weigh your options and make this important decision, there are several things you should thoroughly think about and analyze.

Adoption Is The Selfless Choice

Of the options you have for your new baby, the biggest question you will have to contemplate is what will be best for this child. As the biological mother of the child, you will naturally have a deep connection to the baby, even if you are not currently ready to be a mom. This deep connection is what makes it so hard to give a child up for adoption.

As you think about what is best for the child, it's important to think about the upbringing, future, and environment you will be able to offer him or her as compared to what another family might be able to give this child.

If you do not have a good place to live, a reliable income, and an environment that is stable and nurturing, making the decision to give the baby to a family that has these things is the selfless choice. This, however, does not mean it is the easy choice. In fact, making this decision may be the hardest thing you ever do in your entire life; however, your baby's future depends on the decision you make for him or her.

You Can Choose To Be Part Of The Child's Life

While you may not yet be ready to take the step into motherhood, giving up a baby for adoption does not have to mean you will never see the child again or have any communication with the adoptive family. Actually, if you choose an open adoption, you can be very much a part of the child's life.

With an open adoption, you will meet the adoptive family and get to know them. You will have the ability to communicate with them and see the baby. This might not be something you can do daily, but you could set it up according to a schedule that you can both agree on.

By choosing this option, you will never have to wonder what your baby looks like, how he or she is doing, and what kind of life the child has. With an open adoption, you will hopefully be able to see that your decision was the right one. You will get to see how this family treats your baby, and you will see the kind of life they have given to your baby. Seeing these things can remind you that you chose the best option for your baby, and your baby may forever be grateful to you for this.

You Should Take The Right Steps To Grieve And Cope With The Loss

Knowing that you chose the right path for your baby can be comforting to you as the birth mother of the child, but that still does not mean going through with it will be easy. You may have a difficult time dealing with this loss, even if you are 100% confident that it was the best choice. Because of this, it will be important for you to take care of yourself by finding help with the process you must go through to grieve and cope.

One good option for this is seeking counseling. If you work with an adoption agency, they may offer free counseling to you before and after the adoption takes place. In addition, joining a support group with other women may also be helpful. Dealing with the feelings you have is something you should take seriously, because you will probably find it easier to cope if you address the way you feel from the start.

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2 March 2016