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4 Reasons To Choose Cremation

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When it comes to your final rites, there are many options from which to choose. Although the most popular option is still a traditional burial, the fact of the matter is that cremation is becoming increasingly popular. There are several reasons why this is the case. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of 4 reasons that many are choosing cremation over other forms of last rites and perhaps will serve to convince you to give cremation a thought, as well.


When it comes down to the bottom line, funerals are very expensive. Everything from a wake to storage of the body is something that costs a considerable amount of cash. In today's economy, the average cost of a funeral is between $7,000 and $10,000. That includes the price of embalming and the casket, but that does not even cover the cost of a cemetery's charges. The phenomenon of cremation skips over that entirely. You won't have to worry about 1/3 of that price if you so decide on a cremation process for your last rites. The average cost of direct cremation is only $1,100, a far cry cheaper than a burial.


One of the most common reason that people invoke burial as the prime manner in which they would like to be honored after death is due to religious reasons. As the world becomes increasingly secular – and if you are a secular person, as well – then chances are you are not particularly concerned with the phenomenon of rite and ritual.

As such, it would be prudent from a number of standpoints to simply allow yourself the practicality of a cremation. As mentioned earlier, it is significantly cheaper, which will make the burden upon your family much less worrisome, and without the burden of religious conviction, the rites performed should be as practical as they come.


There are several things involving a cremation that make it far more flexible than a traditional set of last rites and funeral service. As such, you can mix and match elements from a traditional funeral as you deem them necessary.

For example, your family will have much more time to organize and mobilize themselves, as often times family are spread out throughout the country (or even world). You also do not have to have the funeral or visitation within the halls of an institution. Rather, a funeral can take place within a family member's home and friends, family, and other loved ones can pay their final respects there.

Environmental Concerns

If you are a person who is concerned with the state of the environment and leaving behind a far lesser carbon foot print upon the earth, cremation is a much more acceptable form of last rites than the somewhat more popular form of burial. There are a number of reasons why this is the case. For example, embalming fluid is well known to contaminate otherwise clean water with chemicals such as arsenic, mercury, and formaldehyde.

Furthermore, the materials from which caskets are constructed can serve to bring further damage to the environment. There are a larger number of chemicals, metals, plastics, concrete, and wood in caskets, which, when buried, take up a considerable amount of space and are not necessarily the best things to place deep within the soil.

Cremation is becoming an increasingly popular form of burial and performance of last rites, especially across the United States. There are a plenty of good reasons for you to choose to be cremated over having a standard burial, and this article has given you a peek at just a few of those reasons. For more information, check out the site of a funeral home that offers cremation services.


10 December 2015