5 Benefits Of Unplanned Pregnancy Resources

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When someone becomes pregnant unexpectedly, it can be life-changing. While sometimes it's a happy surprise, that isn't always the case. If you or someone you care about has recently found out that they're pregnant and they're not sure what to do, it may be time to look into unplanned pregnancy resources. There are many programs and resources out there to help, and you're not alone. Here are some of the benefits of unplanned pregnancy resources: 

28 January 2020

If Adoption Is The Right Choice, Why Does It Hurt So Much?

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When a pregnant girl, who is not yet ready to be a mom, makes the decision to give the baby up for adoption, it is usually not an easy choice to make. It is often the best choice, though, for the baby's sake. If you are in this position and are struggling with your options, you may be wondering why considering adoption hurts so much if it is the right choice.

2 March 2016

4 Reasons To Choose Cremation

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When it comes to your final rites, there are many options from which to choose. Although the most popular option is still a traditional burial, the fact of the matter is that cremation is becoming increasingly popular. There are several reasons why this is the case. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of 4 reasons that many are choosing cremation over other forms of last rites and perhaps will serve to convince you to give cremation a thought, as well.

10 December 2015