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Etiquette Guidelines For Attending A Viewing At A Funeral Home

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Often, before a funeral, the family of the deceased will hold that's known as a viewing or a wake at a funeral home. This is an opportunity for friends and family members to stop by, express their condolences, and reflect on the life of the deceased. If you attending a viewing for the first time, or if you have only attended a couple of viewings in the past, you'll want to reflect on the following etiquette guidelines before attending.

Dress in Business Casual

These days, viewings are not overly fancy affairs, but you do not want to show up in jeans, either. Anything you would wear to a casual work event would be appropriate. Wearing dark colors, like black or navy blue, is advised, but this is not as essential as it was in the past. As long as your clothing is more on the subdued side and not overly flashy, you'll be dressed appropriately.

Don't Stay Too Long

The viewing may be scheduled for a 2-hour time slot or a 4-hour time slot, but that does not mean you need to stay that whole time. In fact, it's best if you do not. Many people need to attend the viewing, so it's appropriate for you to show up, express your condolences, linger a while, and then move on, so there's space for others to do the same.

Stand in Line to Greet the Family Members

If you're not comfortable going up to the casket, that's okay. It's not rude to opt out of this part of the viewing. Going up to the casket and viewing the body can bring some people comfort, but if you fear it will do the opposite for you, then, by all means, skip that part. You should not, however, skip standing in line to express your condolences to the grieving family members. They are the ones who this viewing is really for.

Remain Subdued, and Read the Room

You do not have to express deep mourning the entire time you are at the viewing, but you should remain somber and subdued. You can smile as you recall positive memories with the deceased, but don't outright crack jokes or call too much attention to yourself. The mood at a viewing is somber unless the family members themselves choose to make things lighter with jokes or more upbeat music. Adhere to the mood of the room; don't try to change the mood.

Attending a viewing at a funeral home is a somber affair for everyone. However, attending is a great way to show your love and respect for the deceased. For more information about viewings, contact a local funeral home, like Conboy-Westchester Funeral Home Inc.


2 April 2021